Punchbowl is a summer cocktail festival celebrating devilishly creative drinks, live music and BBQ.  That said, the anchor of this amazing experience are the summer cocktails, based with spirits, craft beers and ciders. Punch Bowl will be working with the finest local and international spirit, beer and cider companies to showcase their products during the event.


Cocktail Director

I've spent over 15 years now either standing behind or managing a bar and it's guests. I started my career in Winnipeg, MB, Canada where I cut my teeth in all sorts of establishments from concert venues, casual restaurants, pool halls, nightclubs, and even a karaoke bar. After a short long-distance love affair with Vancouver, BC I packed my bags and moved there on New Year's day in 2011 hoping to ply my trade in it's world-class bar and hospitality community. Throughout my years on the west coast I've been fortunate enough to work in many of Vancouver’s top-tier restaurants and bars, including establishments under the umbrellas of the Donnelly Group, Glowbal Restaurant Group and Hawksworth Restaurant Group.


Exhibitors List Coming Soon



PUNCHBOWL is very excited to welcome High Point LRS as the official onsite liquor store. The partnership between PUNCHBOWL and High Point LRS allows guests at the event to sample many unique and interesting products and then immediately be able to purchase them at the onsite liquor store, to take home.